March 9, 2011

Frozen Yoghurt

Living in Malaysia means we don't get to indulge on all the delicious desserts like Ben & Jerry or Tutti Frutti. I wasn't familiar with the term frozen yoghurt because back when I was little, we didn't have Tutti Frutti in Malaysia(or was it because I never explore when I was little?). Since I was a kid, I love to read. I once read about froyo in a book. I pretended to understand what 'froyo' means and kept reading. There was this one time, I read somewhere that froyo stands for frozen yoghurt. I was so proud that I know what froyo means. I thought I was the smartest one but what people didn't know is that I know froyo is a short form for frozen yoghurt but I have no idea what frozen yoghurt is! I started imagining things. Is it like when you buy a Nestle yoghurt from Tesco, you go back and placed them in the freezer until it froze? I was so confused why Americans love froyo so much that they always talk about it in the books. It wasn't special, what's so great about a freezer-froze yoghurt??

A few years back, I saw a store that caught my eyes. It had 'Tutti Frutti' and 'Frozen yoghurt' written on the sign. I was so shock! I was weird because how are they going to sell frozen yoghurt? Will they give you the same Nestle's bottles but they will freeze it for you?

"Even I can do it myself at home", I said to myself.

So I went back home and determined that I can make froyo myself, I put a bottle of Strawberry yoghurt in the freezer and waited patiently for it. The next day, I took out the bottle and opened the seal, hoping it will taste good. I took a spoonful of it and yes! I did it. It tasted so good! I was so proud that I bought a whole bunch of yoghurts and placed them in the freezer. Mom was confused why I did that.

Mom : Adik, why did you put all these yoghurts in the freezer??

Me : Because you don't know what froyo means. DUH *rolls eyes*

Mom : Froyo????

Me : See, I told you. You don't know what froyo means. It stands for FROzen YOghurt, get it?

Mom walked away, not impressed like I thought she would be. Seriously, I thought I was a genius for finding out what froyo means and by making it myself!

I ate my so called home-made froyo for days till I got bored with it. So I decided to give Tutti Frutti a try. I was very sure it can't beat my home-made froyo! I was pretty blur about how do I put it in a cup since it's self service. With Zahir's help, I managed to solve it out. I was kind of surprise it didn't come in bottles. It comes out from a machine instead. You know, like the ice cream machine thing they have at McDonald's? Yes, it's like that. And when it comes out, I was more surprised because it looked like ice cream! But when I tasted it, I was speechless.

"Okay, this is so much better than my RM1.90 Nestle yoghurt that I froze myself", I said to myself, embarrassed for being so full of myself for making froyo.

Since then, I've become a regular customer of Tutti Frutti. But sometimes when I'm broke but crave for froyo, I still buy the Nestles and put them in the freezer. It tastes nice, especially when you pour some Cornflakes in it, but seriously, it's nothing compared to Tutti Frutti. Even Zahir knows when I'm PMS-ing or not in the mood, it only takes a cup of Tutti Frutti to cheer me up.

My personal favourite flavours are Blueberry, Strawberry Banana and Red Velvet. And I can never eat the froyo without the rainbow Quaker's cereals!

For those of you who haven't try (why??), you should. It's worth it. Some of my friends complained why I liked it so much and some of them said that it's expensive. It costs you RM5.30 every 100 grams. It sounds cheap but you don't know how much are you pouring in since the prices vary according to the weight. Sometimes people even pay RM 40 for a cup! That's when I told them the trick. You should know how to predict the price by the amount of froyo you pour in your cups! That means, you have to go regularly so that you can get use to the weight and predict the price yourself. I've never paid above RM 20 for a cup, except for the first time I went.

I paid (okay fine, Zahir paid) only RM 18++ for this much!! Told you, it's not expensive if you know the trick. Oh and one more thing, don't take too many fruits as fruits can be quite heavy.

I always aim for RM 15 to RM 20 every time I go to Tutti Frutti. And you should too because buying below RM 15 will be such a waste as Tutti Frutti will give you a card when you purchase above RM 15. They will stamped your card every time you purchase above RM 15, and even if you buy RM 30 in a single receipt, two stamps will be given. You have to fill in 9 stamps and by the 10th circle, you'll get 50% off! That's when you go crazy and pour in as much as you want!

Don't worry, froyo is a healthy dessert and it won't make you fat(or at least, I think so). Okay, I really don't know if that's true. I was just trying to make myself feel better because I eat Tutti Frutti too much...


♥Syamelia♥ said...

froyo.. what a cute one..
1st time heard abt it...
admit.. i jakun... lol

i love tutti frutti as well...
but i hardly take topping...
prefer it 2 to taste as it is...

Ayeen Kadir said...

Haha yeah, froyo sounds so cute right? :) I was also jakun the first time I saw that word. Hehe. Oh you dont like toppings? As for me, I love something that have crisps so that I can chew. Thats why I always pour in some rainbow cereals or cornflakes :D

We should go out on a froyo date, Kak Amy! Bring Fara along! :D