April 11, 2011


Because I'm about to reveal something embarrassing but funny at the same time! I've had second thoughts about leaking this photo for a few times, thinking whether it's worth it to show to everyone. And I decided, yes! Of course it's worth it, though I might not go out for a month after this photo is published.. but just for the fun of it, right?? So, to everyone who ever wonder what I looked like when I was a kid....

And how bad my taste in fashion was. Really, the sweater? And I don't even remember owning a pair of Sailormoon's denim! Don't get me started on that hair cut. I don't know what was I thinking!

Okay now I'm going to give you guys the time to laugh your butts off. Yes, go ahead. I don't mind because I need time on my own to laugh at myself too.

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