April 10, 2011


Despite the pills doctor prescribed me to last Friday, I never touched those meds. I only take the supplement vitamins he gave because according to him, I need to rest well because who would've thought, of all the many reasons, I fell sick because I'm lack of rest. Me? Lack of rest?? Never.

So anyway, I decided to act tough regardless. I ignored my headache, runny nose and sore throat, and accepted Zahir's invite to dinner with his family. And when he mentioned we were going to Serai at Empire Shopping Gallery, I threw away all those vitamins and pills. Who needs medications when they're offered good food?? By the time I got in the car, my stomach was grumbling and my mind was all Thai fried rice and Serai's desserts, which I didn't try (and regretted later on) on my previous visit. So this time, I was determined to go easy on the main course so my stomach will still have space for desserts.

We totally forgot that it was Saturday night, so I had to put my name under the waiting list. But we did find something else to do rather than just sit down and wait for it to be our turn. We took photos!

The waiter didn't take that much time to call us though. So, we were escorted to our seats before we know it. I couldn't decide on what to eat, it was either rice or something Western. In the end, I ordered a plate of Aglio Olio Spaghetti.

And it tasted great! Not 'wow' kind of great, but it's completely acceptable and decent. But I'd choose their rice instead of spaghetti on my next visits because their fried rice, Kerabu and any kind of rice there is taste so nice!

Their Butter Prawn was nice too!! I couldn't stop munching on the butter crumbs!

I was jealous of Imran though. His burger looked so good and he was sitting beside me the whole time. I had to resist from stealing that burger from his plate.

When it was time for desserts, I almost jump in my seat. I ordered Pavlova because a reader once recommended Serai's Pavlova because he/she said it's so good. By the time the waiter put a plate of Pavlova on our table, I was excited that I forgot to take any photos of it. But to my reader, I've tried it and yes! I LOVE IT! I loved it so much that I even packed a slice to bring home. So thank you, Reader. I'll definitely go to Serai to have their Pavlova again!

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