April 9, 2011

The big five zero

We all planned to throw Dad a surprise party for his 50th birthday this year. We planned with my Dad's staffs at his office and managed to pull it off! With the banner, balloons, gifts, goodie bags for the whole office and everything. Mom cooked and ordered pizzas. I'm glad it went so well and seeing my Dad's surprised face when he saw us in the meeting room with bottles of string spray pointed directly at him, it was just priceless. We even gave him a crown to wear for the occasion because well, he is the king of the family, isn't he?

We were so excited even in the car, on our way to Dad's office!

Despite me being sick, I really had fun!


Although you're turning the big 50 this year, but you still look young and good to me (but not your tummy though!). Everything you've given and taught me so far have made me who I am now, and you should be proud of yourself, because you did a really good job on raising your children. I know I may have hurt your feelings unintentionally or intentionally sometimes and I apologise for that. Truth is, although I've grown up, I'm still your little girl that you can count on, that you can joke around with. You taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was little and now, you taught me about constructions and investments. Everything I need to know, you have the answers, that's why you're the best! I don't need a GPS in my car any more since I can just call you in one click to know the directions from you. You're even better than the GPS! Thank you for all your support in whatever I do and thanks for everything else that you showered the whole family with ; love and care (and money too). We'll all be nothing without you, because you're the king in our hearts.

Lastly, this blog wouldn't happen if it weren't for my Dad (and his credit card). So thanks, Dad. For giving me the chance to try out new things in life. I appreciate every single thing you did for me, every single cent you spent for me. So I promise you I will work and study hard just so I'll have a good future ahead of me, to make you proud and to treat you like you treat me.

Hope you had fun on your birthday this year!


♥Syamelia♥ said...

sucha sweet post.. touched my heart...
reminds me on how i miss my dad...
lucky u...
cherish it while u can!!!

"happy birthday uncle"

ps: while i'm reading this entry, tetiba my playlist kuat lagu 'u raised me up' -what a coincidence!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Awww thanks Kak Amy! That song came up?? Wow, thats a good coincidence isn't it? Well, whatever it is, parents always come first kan? :)