April 9, 2011

Good news on a Saturday!

So here's the good news I've been talking about...

I finally have my own domain!! From www.ayeenkadir.blogspot.com, now my blog is under my own domain. It's now www.ayeenkadir.com! I'm so excited. I figured that my blog needs a change too since it's now on it's own, not under Blogspot anymore, so I went through all the hard work to change and refurbish my whole blog. I'm not really good at all these computer thing, so I just did what I could with the design and template.

However, since the whole process takes days to complete, my .blogspot is still there somewhere, but it will be directed to my domain soon as the process is complete. But it doesn't affect anything, since I've transferred everything from my old blogspot to my new domain. So all you have to do is to type www.ayeenkadir.com instead of the old url in that box up there. Simple!

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