April 23, 2011

FashionValet & Minz Launch Party (Official Video)

I was browsing through Minz's Facebook and saw this video. There's only one thing to say when I watched it for the first time. It's amazing!! Great shots & editing and the music, oh I just love the music! They played the same song during the launch too, when the models were strutting gorgeous pieces from Minz & Fashion Valet. Other than gushing over their collections, Reena and I couldn't help but to notice the music!

Honestly speaking, watching this video made me want to do it all over again. Getting all excited seeing the invite in my envelope, choosing what to wear, getting ready, getting all nervous while driving to the venue on that day, meeting friendly people and what made the whole experience better was to meet 3 of the most graceful, prettiest and sweetest ladies I've ever met. Minz's very own designers/founders, Nicole & Adeline and founder of Fashion Valet, Vivy Yusof. I really admire their passion towards what they do and their sense of style. Despite their successes, they are very down to earth and have such bubbly personalities that everyone would love. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the accessories Minz came up with and the clothes and other stuffs that Fashion Valet have on their site as much as you'll love their founders! So, go, it only takes a few clicks!

This video was sent to me by none other than the Minz ladies themselves. Enjoy!

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