May 21, 2011

Shorter hair

I was known for my hair. My long wavy thick black hair. I've kept that hair for 3 years, fighting the urge to cut it no matter how heavy it gets. I love my hair, despite it being dry and having split ends. I was afraid to even trim the ends. Sometimes strangers stopped me just to compliment my hair. Like I said, I loved that long wavy thick hair...

That I don't know what had gotten into my head. I suddenly woke up last Thursday and decided to cut them short. I usually have doubts before stepping into a saloon but I don't know why I was so brave to take the risk that day. Even my hairstylist asked me why do I want to cut it short out of a sudden because I always ask him to be careful when trimming the ends of my hair. And I blurted out, 'I'm bored with my long hair". I'm bored with it? I didn't know I was. I just wanted a difference.

And different is what I got.

It's not ugly. But it's not pretty either. I don't feel confident without my long hair. Every outfit I wear is not right for the hair. Maybe it's psychology, who knows. I'm not saying I hate it but I'm not saying I love it either. It's just that it's good to make a difference every once in awhile. Hair will grow anyway :)

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