July 22, 2011

Fish Tail Braid

So, I know that the fish tail braid is like, all over the place since forever but I just learnt how to do it. It actually took me some time to get the hang of it but I finally have the guts to wear it out in public now. Today, for that matter. I woke up today and felt like doing something to my hair instead of just let it loose like I usually do. So the first think came to mind was of course, the fish tail braid considering the fact that I just learnt how to do it. I was half way through my braid when I thought, this won't look nice as I see all kinds of strands came out of the braid and it looked pretty messy. I'm always the one with the neat hair, no strands are allowed to stand out from it's place but I went with it. I finished up the braid anyway and oh my gosh! I love how it looks! The whole messy one sided braid thing, you know. I love it so much and I'm pretty much obsess with it! I have to admit, I've looked into the mirror like a gazillion times today at the office because of this hair. I've never really groomed my hair when I go out. It's either straight or curly and that's it. A bun occasionally but never the fashionable hair styles. So yeah, this is my first time and I'm not even out. Just the office but I'm still excited about it!

I don't know if you can see it in the photo because of the quality. But if you're a girl or a woman, you surely know what a fish tail braid looks like. Mine is not perfect but I love it like that, a little bit messy.

I probably will wear this hair a whole lot after this. So if you see someone at the mall with a one sided fish tail braid, it might be me! Okay I should stop obsessing over things now.

Oh by the way, I'm wearing my favourite tunic from Forever 21. Don't you just love the details on it?? It's so pretty and I wear it too much to the extend that the material is worn off a little. But that doesn't stop me from wearing it obviously, since I'm wearing it right now. Duhh Ayeen! *rolls eyes to myself*


Ungku Natasya said...

Ayeeeen post a "How-to-do-fish-tail-braid" :p Hehehe

Ayeen Kadir said...

Omg I'm not even that good at it! But maybe I will try to do that. MAYBE. Hehe :p