July 25, 2011

What I wore today (Outfit of the day!)

I got a little too excited about my outfit today. It wasn't fancy or anything but I haven't worn this for so long, I almost forgot I have this top! It was a gift from Zahir when he went to Singapore. I worn it once last year and it was too tight for me, so it made me so uncomfortable wearing it. But this morning, as I was rummaging through my wardrobe, I just realised that I'm lack of clothes. Literally. I need to shop for more clothes after this!

But then....

I found this top!

Do you know the feeling when you haven't worn something for so long and when you put it on again, it felt like it was new? Like you were excited to wear it because it really feels like you just bought them. That was how I felt when I put on this white button down shirt this morning. I was even more excited when it didn't feel as tight as it was before! I feel so comfortable wearing it, what more when I pair it with a comfortable simple black leggings.

Though this shirt is a simple one, but I love the little ruffle details it has along the button line. My most favourite part? That it comes with the belt! I love the belt so much and it made the simple white shirt more interesting.

When I go to the office, I don't like to go big with accessories because I don't want to be OTT or over dressed. So I pair this outfit with just a simple necklace that has 'Rockstar' written on it and I chose my zebra printed watch instead of my usual one because I thought the Zebra printed watch matches this outfit better. I got this watch like, a couple of years ago in Italy. I love it so much because it's animal printed, hello! And not just that, but because it lasts so long. The quality is amazing. Like this one time, I accidentally knocked it on a hard rock wall, so obviously, I panicked and quickly held up my wrist to see if the watch was damaged but there wasn't even a spot or a scratch. Nothing. It was as clean as new. Like I said, the quality is just amazing!

Top : Forever 21
Tank top (worn inside) : Forever 21
Leggings : Kitschen
Necklace : Diva
Watch : Bijou Brigitte

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