October 23, 2011

Kak Muna's Birthday Dinner

The title of this post says it all, doesn't it? The only thing is who's Kak Muna, right? Hehe.

Kak Muna is Zahir's sister, she turned 27 last Monday. So their family planned a birthday dinner like usual to celebrate and my sister and I were invited! They decided on steambot, which I have no problems with because I love food. Basically just any kinds of food, but seafood especially. So steambot was perfect :)

We went to Flaming Steambot near Sunway and it was actually a steambot buffet, so we all ate so much! When I arrived with Zahir and his brother (we had to go with separate cars since there were 10 of us), the rest were already burying their faces in the seafoods. I couldn't wait to start eating but couldn't help but to feel a little bit awkward at first because I thought I was over dressed for the occasion. I love dressing up, everyone knows that. So when I heard 'birthday dinner', I automatically think of heels, maxi skirt, make up and curled hair. I didn't go for the heels though because I asked for Zahir's opinion before hand and he said that I could wear them if I want to but the place wouldn't be suitable for heels. And boy, aren't I glad that I took up on his advise. But I did wear my body con maxi skirt and though I kept my make up natural and minimal, I did curl my hair. So I felt kind of out of place when I arrived because clearly, it was a really simple birthday dinner. Even the birthday girl was in jeans and a t-shirt!

But anyway, I relaxed as time passed. We all fell into easy going talks and we laughed a lot over dinner.

I ate a whole lot but the rest ate more, which was pretty shocking. I mean, how can people eat that much, I have no idea. Haha.

I had fun with his family. I've always love going out with them because they're just a bunch of nice people and I'm not saying this because they're my boyfriend's family but genuinely, I love them. They're like my own family, I love how his parents treat me well and how his siblings treat me like I'm their sister.

Even my sister got along well with his family :)

Dinner was pretty great. The food was awesome and the company I had was even better!

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