October 30, 2011

S&S Entries Update Day 20

It's been a while since the last update on the Sereni & Shentel giveaway but that was only because there wasn't any new entries. But there's more today, so here's the update of the entries :)

If you see your entries on the list, you CAN'T delete your entry for whatever reason and send another. You'll be disqualified if you do so.

Blog entries :

- 酱酱``

- Anna

- Anis Nabilla

- Ellina Dzulkarnain

- Yieujinlostinside

Youtube entries :

- dancingshoes93

- lingcy83

- syeang

Both entries :

- Sweet Adeline Ho

- Effa Othman

- Melissa Ng

If you have submitted your entry but didn't see your name in this list, do let me know! However, I'll update this every night, so you might want to check at night :) This list is to show the confirmation of entries. All the entries sent by all of you listed above are final.

Thanks for all of your entries and supports! So much love for all of you ;)

P/S : On a side note, I know I haven't been updating much these days but I've been pretty busy with my life and I'm sorry for slacking. Hope you guys understand and I promise I'll update my blog soon!


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