November 2, 2011

Fara Week

Fara and I are as close as any two girls could ever be but despite our strong best friend-ly bond, we don't bond with each other that much. We don't see each other's faces every day and although we always BBM each other, we aren't really that clingy type who calls one another and say we miss each other all night. However, I was beyond happy when I spent most of my time last week with Fara. Hence, the title of this post. Haha.

On Sunday, both our families were invited to the same feast, so we met there and my family and I dropped by her house later that day. We wanted to see her cats but ended up going to dinner together. Until midnight!

On Tuesday, Fara came to my house for a sleepover seeing that the next day was a holiday due to Diwali. We went for a Diwali feast at my mom's friend's that night and had the longest time gossiping (duh!). Later that night, when we reached home, Kak Fiza joined us too! Hadn't had a sleepover in a very long time, so I decided to make it a typical sleepover that people always do. I did Fara's hair and the night surrounded by so much gossips!

The next morning, I brought the girls, including my sister to my new favourite place to eat, Departure Lounge. I love the place mainly because they serve the best New York Bagel in Klang Valley area (if you have a better place for bagels, let me know!), but they do serve other stuffs that taste as nice. Since it was a holiday, the place was full when we reached there and we even had to snatch a table from someone else that came after us. I'm sorry, that was mean but we were there first!! Okay, I promise I won't do that again next time. Its just.... the bagel was calling my name already. Hehe. But in all seriousness, I know that's bad. I promise I won't do that again!

We ate so much that day and my stomach never felt so happy!

The main reason I go to Departure. Their New Yorkie is the best!!

On Friday, both our families went to Red Box for a karaoke session! We all sang our hearts out and Fara did too! I'm so glad she did because she never sings whenever we go karaoke. She's not the type that sings and dances around the room, unlike me.

But this time I forced her to let loose and she did! We even danced on the couch and stuffs and spent from 9pm till 3 in the morning there. Definitely a great night :)

The next day, I had a wedding that I've been tweeting about so much. A Bollywood wedding! I was so excited and went all out. My mom, sister and I bought sarees, lenggas, bindis and bright colourful bangles for the occasion. Fara was invited too because well, everyone knows how close we are. So yeah, Fara was with us too, except she didn't have the time to buy any Bollywood outfit, so she wore a dinner dress which wasn't bad at all. She looked gorgeous! I will blog about the wedding in another post because I figured that the wedding deserves one whole post.

But all in all, that sums up my "Fara Week" as I'd like to call it because I've never spent this much time with Fara in a week before. And boy, I love every second of it!

So much love for this girl <3


Miss Zamryza said...

Hey its been a while you did'nt update your blog! :)more updates pls hee

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yes, I know right? I'm so sorry for slacking but it's been pretty hectic for me. I have a ton of assignments to hand in and several presentations to prepare for. College has been taking up my life these days :( So I didn't have the time to update. But I promise there will be more updates soon, no worries! Thank you for your support, love! <3 :)