December 21, 2011

California update : Day 2

We were suppose to wake up early in the morning to start our road trip to San Francisco but since all of us slept late the night before, (especially Nina & I, we slept at 4 in the morning), we all ended up waking up later than we planned to.

I woke up to the smell of fried mushroom. Knowing me, I love to eat especially breakfast. Breakfast is like, my most favourite meal ever, so naturally, my body forced myself to get up and dragged myself to the kitchen even though I was still sleeping in my mind. As soon as I saw the food on the dining table, my eyes automatically grew bigger and I was about to drool. I rushed to the bathroom and brush my teeth so I can have breakfast. Mom made salmon bagels and beef bacon while my brother made the best fried mushrooms ever! If you have tasted fried mushrooms at Asia Café, times it by 100000. That’s how good my brother’s fried mushrooms are and I’m not saying this because he’s my brother. It’s simply because his fried mushrooms are the best.

After having breakfast, the whole family got ready for our road trip. My brother’s apartment was kind of haywire because of us but we had to stay there for that night since we were going to San Francisco the next day. It was only for a few hours anyway, so it didn’t make sense to book a hotel room just for a few hours to sleep. We packed our bags and hit the road. My brother drove all the way, 8 hours of drive, without getting sleepy. I totally respect him for that because I don’t like driving that much. So I can never do what he did.

We arrived in San Francisco at night and straight away checked in the hotel my Dad booked for us. Our hotel was so near to the famous Pier 39 where all the attractions are located. It only takes less than 5 minutes to walk down to the Pier 39. After checking in, we were all famish since we spent the whole day in the car and other than the breakfast we had that morning and a bag of chips in the car, we didn’t really eat anything else. Right after we settled in with our bags at the hotel, we all went out to walk around the streets around the hotel to find a decent restaurant to dine in. After roaming around the chill air for about 15 minutes, we settled with a restaurant that I can’t remember the name because it has a really really complicated Italian name. Hehe. But what I know is, their food was great. We ordered too much, more than we could actually finish, so we ended up packing up the leftovers.

After the late dinner, all of us were so full that we had to cancel our plan to go around the city to see the amazing San Francisco. So, we all went into our rooms and went to bed with bloated tummies. I didn’t really care about my diet anymore at that time. All I know was, I was full and happy that I have my family with me and I just want to sleep. And so I did. I went to bed with a slight excitement of how the next day will be like.

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