December 19, 2011

California update : Day 1

After 23 hours of being on the plane, my body felt so weak and numb. I was excited nonetheless. “I’ll be seeing my Mom and my siblings in a few minutes!”, my heart said as soon as I stepped down from the plane. That actually gave me a tingle up and down my spine but at the same time the thought of it gave me a little excitement running through my blood. So I held my head up and suck it in. The tiredness, I mean.

It was around 7 in the evening in Los Angeles by the time my Dad and I landed at LAX. As we waited for our luggage at the baggage claim, my heart was racing pretty fast. I think it was the thought of seeing my Mom and siblings after so long. 2 weeks might not sound that long but if you were in my shoes, 2 weeks seem like forever. I lost 2 kgs throughout the week while Mom wasn’t in Malaysia. The stress from college and not having Mom around really made me lost my appetite, I guess. Dad and I waited at the airport as they were stuck in traffic on the way to LAX and when I heard my older brother’s voice, I looked up from my novel that I was reading and ran into his arms. He lifted me and hugged me tightly. It never felt so good to be in his embrace because the last time I saw him was half a year ago. Tears ran down my face as I hugged each and every one of my siblings and Mom. Having to kiss Mom made my night.

My brother drove us back to his house (if you didn’t already know, he studies in LA. Hence the house). Though his house isn’t that much because well, students don’t need that much space anyway, but we had to cramp ourselves in his house with his housemates. Thank God for understanding housemates! Hehe. I slept late that night, gossiping the night away with my sister. Ahh, it’s been so long! We even showered together that night, a prove how we miss each other. Everyone was asleep but my sister and I just stayed up talking eventhough I was exhausted from sitting on the plane for 23 hours. I gave up at around 4 in the morning and went to sleep.

I didn’t get to think about anything while falling asleep like I always do. I kind of just dozed off the second I put my head on the pillow. But there’s one thing I’m certain about ; I slept with a wide smile on my face that night. I was tired but I was so happy and felt so good to be with the whole family again.

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