December 30, 2011

California Update : Day 4

It was the last day of us being in San Francisco. We had to check out from the hotel at 11 in the morning, so we planned to have breakfast anywhere near our hotel before heading back to LA. As we were getting ready, Dad announced that he didn't want to come as he didn't get any sleep last night and wanted to just rest and sleep while we have breakfast. So the rest of us just went to Pier 39-again to search for any restaurant that serves clam chowder. My brother was in San Francisco once with his girlfriend and a friend, so he knows what are the specialties in San Francisco. At first, I was like… chowder what? Honestly speaking, when my brother first said 'you guys have to try San Francisco's clam chowder!', I instantly think of the purple cute thing on Cartoon Network named Chowder. Like, really. I thought it was something else than a type of food. But because of my ego, I just let it be. I didn't ask what a clam chowder is and acted like I knew exactly what it is. Hehe.

When we walked around the block, we found a diner that serves clam chowder and we contemplated whether to dine there or search for a better diner. At that point, I still had no idea what this 'chowder' is. But then my brother said that we have to try this one particular restaurant's clam chowder on Pier 39 because they actually serve the best clam chowder. By that time, I was so curious. What's with all the chowder talk, right? So I asked…

And yes, now I know what a clam chowder is. It's basically a bowl of soup served in a bread. Like, the bread is cut into the shape of a bowl and they pour clam soup in it. How stupid can I be? We ate that the night before and I had no idea that it's called clam chowder -___-

When we arrived at the pier, my brother led us to Chowders.

And The clam chowder was the best ever! I know I've only eaten it once, like I said, we ate it the night before at some restaurant and I really don't have that much to compare to, but I'm so sure Chowders serves the best clam chowders. I'm really really sure about that.

I mean, look at that! I'm drooling just by looking at this picture right here…..

After breakfast, we went around the blocks some more to look for souvenirs. We passed by Payless Shoes Store which is also available at Sunway Pyramid but the collection there was way better than the ones they have here in Malaysia. There were a lot of shoes that I wanted but I settled only for a pair of brown Moccasins. I have been waiting to own a pair of Moccasin since forever. I wanted to get the UGG ones when I was in Beijing but I didn't get it, I don't know why and I've regretted it ever since. When I saw the ones in Payless Shoes, I quickly grabbed it and tried them on and I loved how it is so comfortable. Also, the Airwalk ones look way better than the UGG ones. So I was so excited that I've finally found the right ones! Some people may not like the style of a Moccasin but I do. I love it so much and I was so happy to get my first pair!

After Payless Shoes, we went around some more to souvenir shops. I wanted to get this really cool pink varsity jacket at a souvenir store and it has an 'A' on it, which is pretty awesome since Ayeen starts with an 'A' (duh, right?), so I was pretty excited to try them on. But then I found out they ran out of my size. I usually wear XS to S and they only have it in XL. HUGE different. Because I think I will definitely get it still if they had it in M or something. At least the size differences aren't that bad but XL?? I was being super stubborn and tried it on anyway because I loved it so much. But of course, the jacket came all the way down, like, lower than my butt. So I knew I can't buy it. I checked out the other colors but I didn't like them as much as I like the pink one :(

After Mom was done with buying the souvenirs for friends and family, we went back to the hotel to pack our stuffs and check out from the hotel. After we checked out, we went to one of the most amazing place I've ever set foot in. It was the California Academy of Sciences.

I was amazed by the things in there. What I loved the most was this little message board of people hanging their messages on how to save the earth.

I found a few funny ones on there. I laughed hard reading some of them.

My siblings and I decided to share our ideas too. So here's my older brother's :

My sister and my little brother shared their ideas :

And here's mine :

Being in Real Estate, I learned about how developments have caused a lot of bad things to the environment. Hence, the idea of cutting down on the developments so the trees can live and breathe without getting chopped off for more developments.

We were there until dark and by the time we finished the whole building which was really really massive, we were hungry. My brother drove us to a Halal Thai Restaurant somewhere in San Francisco.

After dinner, my brother drove 8 hours straight back to LA. Mainly, I slept in the car but I respect my brother for having the energy to drive that long. Seriously, I get tired driving to college which is only 15 minutes away from my house. 8 hours? I can die!

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