February 12, 2012

4th Semester

I cannot believe my 3 weeks worth of holidays is coming to an end tonight. Like, right this second. 4th semester starts tomorrow and I'm nowhere near prepared. I already bought stuffs for this new semester but I'm not fully prepared. I haven't organize my binder and I didn't even print out my class schedule yet. Sigh!

I enjoyed this holiday to the core, so much had happened during these 3 weeks and I just don't want to worry about my studies. At least, not yet. I met some of my old friends this holiday, went to trips with my family, I started playing netball again and I even went to my former high school a lot this holiday. I guess it's safe to say, this holiday is the best I've ever experienced.

But back to reality tomorrow.

Going to face notes and books for a few more months starting from tomorrow. I better get myself ready or I'll repeat my mistake during the second semester which I wasn't ready at all for the semester and I was so disappointed with my GPA that semester. Nooooo, I can't do that anymore. I have to be pumped up for this new semester. The question is, when do I start to be enthusiastic about this whole new semester? I guess, we'll wait and see...

On a totally different note, I've been spending so much time at my high school and everything and I'm surely going to update you guys about those soon! 😄

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