February 13, 2012

New year, new beginning

So, I know this is like, so obvious but I changed my whole blog. The theme, the template, the colors, the fonts and everything. The reason why I changed the whole thing is because I thought the old one wasn't 'me' enough, if that makes any sense. Haha. But seriously, it was getting so boring, with only white and green all over the page. Somehow I felt older with my old blog theme. So this time, I figured I should really make my blog based on my personality. Like, when people opens up my blog and they straight away have the idea of my personality. In my opinion, I always appear to be feminine in the sense of fashion, beauty and style(not so feminine when it comes to sports. Yikes!) and I want people to know how I'm feminine and love beauty & fashion through my blog. Even one of my friends once told me, "every time I see pink and glittery and all the girly stuffs, I thought of you because I've never met anyone as girlish as you". I took this as a compliment I suppose, since well, I am a girl, if you didn't already know (duh!) and being feminine and liking girly stuffs is fun. I can doll myself up and play around with my make ups. Hence, the glittery and pink background. I had the hardest time to choose the background because I wanted people to know I'm a girly girl without being tacky or trying too hard. For now I'm super satisfied and happy with my new blog theme and I hope this one will stay long because I'm not the type of person who constantly change my blog layout and theme. When I settled with a theme, I stick to it in the long run. I guess the pink really shows how girly I am and I love glitters so much which is why I settled with this background.

Anyway, I thought of changing the blog theme because it's already 2012. I know it's already the middle of February and you probably think 'isn't it too late for changes for new years?'. Well, better late than never right? It's not like I have anything to lose. So I decided that this is a perfect time to change everything. And I'm really really happy with the outcome!


Anna said...

Yes, noticed it & wondered why you changed. Hahaha, it's pretty, really girlish. ;)And simple.

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hehe, of course you noticed. People who didn't notice most probably are first timers here on my blog, right? :p And thanks! I think this suits me better, for now at least :)