March 21, 2012


I swear Dr. Seuss was the most brilliant person on earth. I've been his fan since I was 5, when I first read Cat in the Hat. My aunt even posted me the whole set of Dr. Seuss books from the US. I just love Dr. Seuss books and I thought I would stop being obsessed with Dr Seuss as I grow older. But no. I've never stopped because Dr. Seuss was just simply the best when it comes to cartoons. Even Walt Disney can't compete. To me, at least. I've always preferred Cat in the Hat than Mickey Mouse anyway.

When I saw that they were making Lorax a movie, I flipped! I actually saw this gigantic furry orange colored thing walking around Universal Studio in Hollywood back in December 2011. It turned out to be a Lorax mascot. It was super cute and I couldn't resist from trying to touch its furs. Then when I was back in Malaysia, I saw these coming soon ads about Lorax. So of course I went and booked the ticket for my family and I.

And yes, I can say it was the best movie ever. I'm not a big fan of like, cartoon movies and stuffs but Lorax was just the best. I even liked Lorax better than Cat in the Hat, the one with Mike Myers as the Cat. I enjoyed the movie so much because it was all about the future, fantasy and the environment. Easy to say, Lorax has a lot of lessons people should really learn, especially in this 21st century. Dr. Seuss had unlimited imagination, I swear. So really, if you haven' watched it yet, go watch it!! It's better if you drag along your little siblings, cousins or something so that they, the future generation will realise that environment, especially trees are really crucial before it's too late.

Oh and by the way, was I the only one who is obsessed with the trees in Lorax? They looked so fluffy, colorful and pretty. I wish those trees really exist, so I can plant some pink ones in my room!

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