December 24, 2012

Summary of my hectic week

Well, even though I sounded so stressful during my hectic week, I still had a good time. Thanks to my classmates. We were pressured to the core on that week. Actually, I was pressured to the core. Everyday of that week, I had to hold myself from crying my eyes out because it was just too depressing. Imagine, on Wednesday that week, we had a presentation for our Town Planning subject but our lecturers were so pissed off at us because they didn't see any posters that were supposed to be on the board at 11am SHARP. The first group put up their poster at around 11.10am. I know it was our fault that we were late but honestly, my ears were about to bleed from the never ending lecture on why we Malaysians should be punctual, how there's no excuses to be late and how Urban Planning Department students are better than us Estate Management students. We had to listen to all that from 11.30am to 4.45pm. I'm not even kidding right now, guys. I had to sit, look at the ground and pretend that everything they said were digesting in my brain. On top of that, they didn't even allow us to do the presentation because of our 'attitude problem', as they called it. I actually have to agree to that. I do have an attitude problem. Well.. sometimes..

But hey, whatever. The past is the past. At least now we're all over that. Pheww! Our final grades for that subject were posted in the student portal yesterday and I guess all of my classmates were super nervous because well, let's just say the lecturers aren't really our biggest fans. But I think after seeing the results, my classmates must be sighing a huge sigh of relieves because no one failed! That's a shocker. Alhamdulillah, I guess the lecturers still have some humanity in them despite our 'attitude problem'. 

As for all the other presentations and test, I guess everything went pretty well.

 One of the presentations was for us to be lawyers and we had to go to a real court for us to present our case.

So I guess these photos sum up the week where I went crazy. And now all I have to do is study, study and study for my finals. Wish me luck guys!

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