June 12, 2015


All my life, I have been searching for the perfect foundation. When I say “perfect”, in my mind, I think of lightweight, not thick but is capable of giving me the best coverage as my face is (like it or not) flawed.  I have blemishes, pimples and the areas under my eyes are just…. horrible.

So far, I have found one that is almost perfect and it’s the Covergirl foundation that I always use in my make up tutorial. However, sometimes it gets cake-y under Malaysian’s weather. It’s not too thick but it tends to feel thick on my face when it gets hot outside. And if you live or have been to Malaysia, then you would know how hot it gets here. Because of this, I stopped wearing that Covergirl foundation because it gets uncomfortable after awhile. My face will feel like I slathered layers and layers of make up and my skin will get so oily to the extent that I would need 2 blotting papers to blot all the oil away from my face. Therefore, I have stuck to just concealer for my under eyes and compact powder all over my face. I can’t stand the cake-y-ness I feel if I have foundation everyday. I’ll resort to foundations only if I know I’ll be indoors the whole day and/or if I’m going to events-indoors, of course!

When Shu Uemura extended an invitation to me for their skin:FIT foundation launch, I didn’t expect much, to be honest. In my mind, I thought, “Oh, it’s just another foundation. No biggie:” I vlogged the entire day, so if you want to watch it, you can click here.

Anyway, after listening to the introduction of the product and trying it out myself at the event, I definitely fell in love with it. It’s like, Shu Uemura heard my wish and created this amazing foundation! So this skin:FIT foundation is actually water-based, so it’s definitely light-weight. It has SPF 30 and despite it being water-based, the coverage it gives….man, you really have to try it out yourself! We were all given one set of the skin:FIT foundation together with the pentagon sponge that comes with it. The sponge basically has to sides, brush on one side (to apply the product on your face) and sponge on the other side (to spread and blend the foundation). Since the day I got it, I have never missed even one day wearing it. I think it’s the most genius invention ever and I’m not even exaggerating here guys, I swear! I even receive compliments saying how flawless my face is, when the truth is, my face is not flawless. At all!

This foundation is created to cater the women in Asia where the weather is like summer in California, but all year round. That is why it’s called the “Summer Foundation”. It gives you a refreshed look without being too thick but at the same time covers all the blemishes on your face. It’s like magic in a bottle, don’t you think?

This Shu Uemura skin:FIT foundation comes in 12 different shades exclusively designed for Asian skin tones. How awesome is that? I don’t know about you guys but I feel special being an Asian now. Shu Uemura invented a product exclusively for us! Hehe.

Before applying the skin:FIT foundation without any filter

After applying skin:FIT foundation without any filter

What I like ?

How my skin is still breathable and doesn’t feel like I patched something on my face throughout the day, even under the hot sun. It feels really light, like I’m not even wearing any foundation at all. What I also like about this is that I can skip the whole compact powder step because skin:FIT foundation itself absorbs the oil because it uses a different kind of powder which absorbs oil better than the usual Silica powder most HD foundations use.

What I don’t like?

Hm, I know this will sound like I’m being biased but I swear to God, there’s nothing that I don’t have anything that I don’t like about this product. I even told my Mom once they are on the shelves at Shu Uemura, I’ll get one for her as I really do believe in this foundation and I think everyone should try it.


RM148 -30ml skin:FIT & one pentagon sponge
RM 37 - A set of 4 pentagon sponges

Side note : Mom was so impressed by how my skin looks after I applied the foundation that I managed to convince her to buy one set for herself! She bought it at KLIA, so the price is a little but cheaper but not much. If you want to buy it at Shu Uemura in KLIA, the price for one set of skin:FIT foundation and pentagon sponge is RM141.00.

My overall verdict?

I can definitely see myself repurchasing this once I run out of my first bottle. I totally recommend this foundation if you are someone who doesn’t like foundations but need coverage on your face.
I rate this product : 
10 stars over 5 
Lol is that even possible? Because I definitely think this one deserves 10 stars!

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