May 10, 2011

The first cat I ever touched!

I was once an anti-cat. You wouldn't have guessed it if you've seen me with my cat, Ginger. How I care for him and love him. In fact, he was the first cat I ever touched or loved! When my parents decided to adopt Ginger from my uncle who had a lot of cats, I objected! I was whining and explaining why we didn't need a cat in our house.

"He will just be a burden! The food we have to buy, his waste box we have to clean, training him... we would end up giving him to another family!"

I didn't know I was going to be the one who plays with him everyday and sleeps on the same bed with him every night. The old me would definitely say "Me and a cat? On a same bed? NEVER!" But now, I'm the one who finds him every night to put him to sleep beside me. Ginger is also the reason I got rid of the fear I had for cats. I was so disgusted by stray cats at restaurants or along the roads. But now, no matter how dirty the cats are, I always wonder, it's too bad I can't take all the cats home with me as I live in a multi-storey. So I always refuse to look at those stray cats because I'm afraid if I look too much, I would end up pitying it and bring it home with me.

5 years ago, cats are disgusting, dirty and ugly creatures to me. But now all I could see is those adorable eyes they have, the cute pair of ears, paws, tails, everything is so cute to me. I've learned to love this amazing little creature. I love Ginger, so much to the extend that Ginger is the first thing I will find whenever I enter the house. Seriously, instead of dumping my bags on the sofa, I went for Ginger first to kiss him! The best thing about Ginger is he has feelings. He knows how to kiss people, he sulks when we shout at him for disturbing us during lunch, he knows who treats him good and who treats him bad. My sister likes cats so much that she cannot stand the cuteness of cats. So she tends to smother Ginger with kisses and sometimes just interrupt Ginger's evening nap. That's why Ginger is not a big fan of her.

Yesterday, Mom and I were having our lunch in the living room when Ginger climbed on the coffee table and started smelling and licking Mom's Kuey Teow Kung Fu. I shouted at him and told him off. Next thing I know, he was sitting at the far back of the sofa, refused to face us. He faced the wall instead. How cute of him to sulk when I told him off! Hehe. So I carried him in my arms, muttering my apologies to him. All of a sudden, he slapped me! With his paw and claws! And it hit me right in the eye. I swear, I panicked, wondering what if I go blind after this???

Sigh, suddenly not so cute any more.

I rushed to the bathroom and washed my eye and thank God it's fine now. Pheww! *wipes sweat on forehead*

That night, he meowed in front of my room, as if to say "open the door!". He came in and started purring and being all cute on me. I think he wanted to apologise. So I forgave him. He's the only cat I have after all. He's practically family :)

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