June 14, 2014

It's been 2 months since I last blogged?!

It feels a whooooooole lot longer though.

But phewwwww finally, I can write on this blog again and it feels so so so so good. If you miss this blog (let's face it, you all actually miss me, I know. Haha), let me enlighten you to what actually happened and why my domain, ayeenkadir.com is not accessible. And why it's now ayeenkadir.blogspot.com.

In the month of April every year, I will be reminded by an email by the provider of my domain to pay for my yearly subscription. This year though, I started working and yes, you guessed it. I forgot to pay the subscription because I was too caught up with my work. Also, I didn't receive the bloody reminder email this year! So it's not entirely my fault. Right?

 I know you guys are probably wondering why didn't I just set the payment to auto, so they can just charge the credit card automatically when it expires every year? 

Well, you guys got to cut me some slacks because when I first started my blog, I was just a child. Okay, not exactly a child. But I was 17. I was in high school. So I secretly charged the payment to my Dad's credit card without consulting him first. To avoid him nagging me about "how he doesn't grow money on trees and how the credit card he gave me is for emergencies ONLY", I thought I'd try it out just for one year. After one year though, my Dad seems to be okay with it seeing how I am really passionate towards blogging and how serious I was/am with it. When I said "he seems to be okay with it", I meant he didn't seem to mind when there is my domain provider's name on the credit card bill every year and he didn't complain or nag about it. So I assumed he didn't mind. After that, I didn't really bother to change the manual payment to auto and boy, that's the biggest regret in my 23 years of life. Now I am domain-less and I have to pay almost RM900 to get the domain and all its content back. I had the hardest time to decide what I want to do. 

To pay the RM900 and get it over with so I can start writing on my blog again 


To terminate that domain from my provider and change my provider which will costs me cheaper than RM900

So I decided I will use this .blogspot for the mean time, while I solve this problem. Maybe I will change to a different provider. So if you're a blogger, do give me some recommendations of good and user-friendly provider for me to consider!

On a totally different note, I have a lot to tell you guys, a lot of ootd pictures to post here, a lot of working experiences I want to share and just about everything! Ahhhh I cannot wait to start back on blogging!!! Who's excited????!

No one?

Okay... maybe it's just me.

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