January 3, 2015

Butterfly Project Malaysia Christmas Dinner 2014 ♡

I have been a member of the Butterfly Project for a while now but I didn’t do my research thoroughly. Therefore, I have wasted my time & wasted so many opportunities I could have gotten! I am so disappointed at myself for not having the drive to really find opportunities for my blog and YouTube channel through The Butterfly Project because Butterfly Malaysia is a good platform to network with other beauty bloggers/vloggers!  But with my awesome “Internet” friends, they advised me and motivated me to do my research and rebrand myself on the Internet.

“Akak nampak, Ayeen ada potential dalam bidang ni”, said Innanie Ariffin from Blog CoklatEyes.

Translation : “I can see you have potential in this industry.”

I still remember the words and motivation they gave me, I literally cried!

Well, long story short, I did my homework, rebranded and reemphasized on certain things on my blog & YouTube to start new. I became more aware of what opportunities The Butterfly Project offers. So, when they posted that they were having a Christmas Dinner/Party with 100 members of the community, I jumped into it and signed up for the dinner without hesitation.

Picture courtesy of Butterfly Malaysia's Facebook

I got so excited that day because it was going to be my first ever Butterfly Project event! Truthfully, I was a little bit nervous too as I was the ‘new girl’ while everyone knows everyone there. I came with Kak Nanie, and she was one of the senior butterfly that night so she was a little busy welcoming everyone and I was left on my own because the ones I know, Wiida and Kak Sabby haven’t arrived. I was really awkward and stood in a corner alone but then I realized, this is the sort of thing that won’t make myself develop. More often than not, I would be very bubbly and friendly to everyone even if they’re strangers. But that night, I felt so intimidated for some reasons even I can’t explain. After realizing I was being a snob, I started to fight the urge to mingle around.

I did and this is what happened in the next 5 minutes…..

These girls are just so amazing how they are so acceptable and it was really easy to blend in. Maybe because we have the same passion towards beauty & blogging. But for the most part, I think it’s because we are all a crazy bunch of people, which is so exciting and fun! I can be my crazy self with these ladies!

I made new friends and I also met people whom I know from the Internet but never met before that night. Let me tell you, it was really awesome to see the person you watch on your computer screen on regular basis standing in front of you, giving you hugs and taking selfies with you.

But in all the excitement, I can say, the one person I was really really excited to meet was Izzati. I watch her videos on YouTube and when I saw her, my hand automatically waved at her vigorously without shame. She gave me a weird look at first because well, I didn’t even know if she knows me! But after awhile, we became instant friends! We talked about a lot of things and being YouTubers, we talked about cameras, lightings and the hard work to film and edit a video. I’m thinking of doing a collab with her in 2015. Do you guys have any ideas on what kind of videos you would want to watch of us before I approach her with this idea? Let me know :)

Okay, back to the event, we spent some time networking and mingling around before Tammy (Founder of Butterfly Project aka the most awesome Mama San any butterflies could ever dreamed of) gave an opening speech. Then, we were fed by The Apartment @ Curve with the most delicious food! There were turkeys, pasta, desserts and my most favorite was the broccoli & cauliflower served with cheese sauce.

There were so many fun activities organized by Tammy and the other senior butterflies. We had performances by some of the talented butterflies, we were also assigned to groups and all members of the groups have to find their own senior butterfly with the clues given. I was in a group with new faces I have never seen but they were all so funny and nice. Our senior butterfly was Cindy! One familiar face in the group and it happened to be the senior in the group. I met Cindy at an event last year and it was really good to see her again! We came up with the name “Flaming Flamingoes” as our group’s name.

Cindy introducing the Flaming Flamingoes' members!

The last half an hour (maybe more) of the night was filled with calling people’s names for the Secret Santa session! Guess what I got?

A box filled with beauty and other random things!

I found out that my Secret Santa was Syafiera Lewis! Thank you babe :) 

When the event ended, I was pretty bummed as I still wanted to have fun with these girls but it was getting pretty late. It wasn’t until I got home that I felt so exhausted. But exhaustion didn’t stop me from opening the beauty box Butterfly Malaysia had prepared for every participant! They have included a lot of things in this box from different brands! I can’t wait to start trying them and give my opinion about them!

I had a really great time, thanks to Kak Nanie and Kak Sabby for motivating me to go involve myself in these kind of events, Tammy for being so welcoming & fun and of course to the girls I met that night. You girls are the most fun bunch!

Selfies or "wefies" are a must!

First time meeting these two pretty ladies but we talked & laughed like we already knew each other!

One with the team leader, Cindy

And of course, with the Butterfly Malaysia's Founder, Tammy!

Oh and some of the pictures were taken by Kawi Studio!


Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

jelesnyaaa! menyesal sampai sekarang sebab i didnt join T_T

hope we could meet some time ayeen; perhaps in another blogger events?

wishing you a better blogging year :)

Najlaa 'Aqilah

Izzati said...

Awwww, ayat tu boleh buat nangis. haha. Yes jom collab bila free k. promise!

Mira Cikcit said...

First time jumpa ayeen dah mcm kawan lama..Hope to see you again soon babe!

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hi Najlaa'! Oh bummer! Kalau you datang hari tu dah boleh selfie selfie dah hehe. Maybe next event, insyaAllah :D

Thank you for the kind wishes, babe! <3

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hehehe sweet kan I, Izzati? :p Yes please! Nanti kita fikir kan nak buat collab apa :D